Marketing consulting

Marketing consulting process may comprise a broad spectrum of services depending on company’s goals, objectives and capacity. It includes all processes connected with marketing organization and sales, product development and its marketing, changing product branding to meet market needs, market research of consumer preferences and demands, analyzing competition and its activity.
The main trends of Marketing consulting are the following:

  • Marketing strategy development

This service envisages a broad package of work resulting in company’s complex marketing strategy. The package includes:

  • Marketing audit of the company
  • Market analyses
  • Competition analyses
  • Consumer needs analyses
  • Company’s product positioning
  • Forming competitive advantages
  • Product development, its adaptation to company’s positioning
  • Defining price policy
  • Determining market channels
  • Determining marketing methods
  • Adaptation of marketing strategy to the main business processes of the company.

The development should result in complex marketing strategy of the company together with clearly defined goals and elaborate plans of their realization. Strategy availability will guarantee company’s sales increase as well as substantial decrease of various market risks.

  • Market analysis and business prospects

It is absolutely crucial for a company to do market analysis and estimate one’s business prospects. In majority of cases it deems wise when the company makes decisions to enter new markets or manufacture new products. Sometimes such analysis is necessary when the company faces sudden deterioration of its general condition, decrease in sales, strengthening of market competition, etc. The package includes:

  • Company’s marketing analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Consumer needs analysis
  • Company’s prospects in the market, including proposals of main operation trends

As a result of this the company has a clear picture of one’s own position in the market as well as possible scenarios of its future development.

  • Branding

Often companies want to market or allot their brand or product. This process is similar to marketing strategy development; however, it is more focused on the product itself, its positioning and competitive advantages, rather than company’s goals and objectives.  It goes without saying that the concept is bound to comply with company’s general strategy. Considerable effort is given to forming the desirable image of the product in consumers’ perception.
This work results in precise plan of marketing a new brand (including rebranding and existing brands) followed by detailed description of all branding stages, its positioning, sales strategy and advertising.

  • Informational support

Our center can offer implementation of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, which enables to automatize relationship process between the customers and the company. We can offer the development of individual software following the needs of the customer to introduce automation of various marketing processes of the company.  For more details, go to section TECHNOLOGIES of our site.

  • Marketing support

This is the final stage of all trends of marketing consulting. If our proposals and conclusions meet the demands of our customer we can provide consulting support of all stages of our proposals implementation.
Marketing program realization firstly, gives the customer a clear vision of market situation and secondly, it strengthens company’s position in the market and thus, increases sales. 
We can offer development of individual consultation program and work in the sphere of marketing taking into account individual customer’s needs and preferences.

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