European Bank finances Ukrainian business


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конференции и форумы

Conference and Forum Organization

Развитие, бизнес планирование, маркетинг

Your Business Development

Рекрутинг, набор персонала


тренинги, курсы, обучение


технологии, программирование, базы данных

Technologies for Business

инвестиции, финансирование, проект


Welcome to Business Support Center, the leading consulting company of Western Ukraine. Business Support Center – NewBiznet has been successfully operating on the Ukrainian consulting services market since 1990 and has acquired the image of an industry focused institution. The mission of the company is to encourage entirely the process of entrepreneurship due to the international business standards. This mission is undertaken by delivering professional consulting and training support to Ukrainian and foreign companies, local authorities, and potential businessmen. 

The strategy of the Center is focused at development of long-term result issued business cooperation and aims at extending the range of business services under the process of implementing the newest standards of client service.

The scope of company operations consists in the principle of business development entire support. Full enterprise activity maintenance, marketing researches, business plans and investment projects development, business trainings, recruitment, investor follow-up are the areas of our work.

A distinguishing pride of the company - its consultants, investment managers and experts have passed international trainings and study cases in countries of Europe and  North America.
About 25 years Business Support Center – NewBiznet has performed as a co-partner at international projects implementation under the aegis of United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Department for International Development of Great Britain (DFID), TACIS Project, Polish American Ukrainian Cooperation Initiative (PAUCI) and United Nations Organization.

We will be glad to promote your business on the way to perfection.


NewBiznet team

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