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Often when companies are considering enlargement they are thinking of attracting investors to achieve this goal. Here we must warn you straight away that as far as investment issues are concerned it is easy to strike a rock. If you decide to develop your business by taking a loan, in that case on paying it back you remain a sole owner of your business. In case you decide to go for a private investment you risk acquiring a business partner for long, moreover you will have to share your property with them. However, if the offer is serious and reliable, it should not be a problem.

Step one. Investment project development

Investment project is a key factor when you decide to look for an investor. This document should demonstrate that:

  • You have resources to realize the project
  • You have a clear vision as to how to realize the project
  • You understand the market you are going to work in and have substantial knowledge of it
  • You know how to sell in the market you have selected
  • You understand financial state of the market and know when the invested money will be refunded

You must keep in mind that in most cases potential investors put their money into the business they are knowledgeable about. Therefore they will easily spot any inexactitudes in your investment project.

Step two. Project promotion

Successful development of an investment project is only the initial stage of finding an investor. On finding a potential investor you have to convince them that investing into your project is the most sound and profitable investment ever. The process of looking for an investor envisages the following stages:

  • Preparing a presentation of your investment project
  • Presentation dissemination to target groups.

There is sufficient amount of promotion channels of an investment project. At present various investment data base, specialized foundations and associations are abound. Besides, this issue is dealt with by regional Chambers of Commerce, economic departments of embassies and consulates, different specialized organizations of economic cooperation.

Step three. Investment project realization

On finding a potential investor it is time to move on to project realization. This step consists of the following stages:

  • Legalization of relationships with the investor
  • The process of making investment itself, including investment of equipment or technologies
  • Business process organization and launching the production

Step four. Support

Having launched the project it is necessary to follow the action plan and make timely corrections to possible deviations. The main objective at this stage is to ensure payback period defined by the investment project.

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