Anti-Crisis Programme

There are many articles, recommendations and proposals relating to the anti-crisis actions during a crisis in the Internet today. We will reveal you a 'terrible military secret'. Real crisis arrangements and patterns of successful anti-crisis management actions do not exist. It's necessary to do the same thing in a crisis,  that being done in periods of prosperity. It's just important to do it all clearly, accurately, consistently and comprehensively, because the crisis will not forgive mistakes. And any deviation from standard procedures may lead to very regrettable consequences.

Our Comprehensive Programme of Anti-Crisis management actions include:

1. Step one. Information gathering

  • Development Enterprise financial analysis
  • Enterprise business processes analysis
  • Management processes analysis
  • Enterprise market analysis and its prospects
  • Enterprise sales systems analysis

2. Step two. Project development

  • Development of recommendations on  business processes optimization
  • Development of recommendations on reducing costs
  • Development and implementation of anti-crisis actions
  • Development of enterprise development strategy in times of crisis
  • Elaboration of recommendations on marketing and sales development

3. Step three. Implementation of project development

  • Implementation of project development at enterprise
  • Implementation of business processes monitoring
  • Implementation of  information system

4Step four. Support

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