Our clients

Over 20 years of our activity in the sphere of consulting services more than 100 enterprises from the whole Ukraine and various sectors of the economy have become our clients. Many of them became our regular clients. We are proud of the achievements and successes of our clients and try to keep in touch with them after the completion of consulting services.

Some of our clients:

Instrument engineering

  • JSC 'Concern Electron' - project of bringing to market a new generation of TV Sets
  • Scientific - Production Association 'Karat' - project of  production of LEDs
  • Development Bureau 'Tekon-Elektron' -project of bringing to market a new generation of electronic interpreters
  • JSC 'Iskra' - light bulb market research
  • Nexans Autoelektric (Germany) - launching a new subsidiary in Ukraine
  • Termopol (Poland)- development of Ukrainian Market Entry Strategy
  • JSC 'Lvivsilmash' - development project of spraying machines production
  • LLC 'Eletrokontakt Ukraine' - startup company

Mechanical engineering

  • JSC 'Avtonavantazhuvach' -  enterprise development project
  • Holding 'Dobrota' - bus production project
  • OJSC 'Roztochya' - a number of projects of JSC "Avtopohrushchyk" unused capacities developing
  • JSC 'Lviv bus plant' - enterprise development project


  • JSC 'Lviv macaroni plant' -  enterprise development project
  • LLC 'Eurohurt' - project of bringing to market a new TM of mineral water
  • JSC 'First Private Brewery - beer production project
  • CJSC 'Enzym' -  enterprise development project
  • Joint Venture 'Halka' - market analysis of coffee production in Ukraine
  • Fruit preserving plant 'Halychyna' - enterprise development project
  • JSC 'Lviv meat packing plant ' - market analysis of sausage production in Ukraine

Chemical industry

  • JSC 'Oriana' - project of solvent production
  • LLC 'Neotekh Company' - start up company
  • USENCO International (USA) - technical justification of oil accumulation development on the territory of West Ukraine
  • Scientific-Productive Collective Enterprise  'Ekoresurs' - project of glauconite production
  • LLC 'Sava Ltd.' - project of heat-insulating materials production
  • LLC 'Profil' Plast' - project of retreading business providing

Light industry

  • LLC 'Valarteks' - development of distribution network
  • Fashion designer Oksana Karavanska - development of distribution network
  • Scan-Thors Baltikum (Latvia) - market analysis of garment production in Ukraine


  • LLC 'Kryla' -  furniture shop project
  • LLC 'Novyy dom' - project of opening a wood-working shop
  • 'Venets Bud' - project of parquet workpiece production
  • LLC 'Fora-Zakhid' - project of swarf briquette production


  • Corporation 'Artor' - a number of projects on pig breeding and poultry farming development
  • JV 'Hallev' - a number of projects on pig breeding and poultry farming development
  • LLC 'Halychyna' - pig farm development project
  • Private Company 'Oberih Invest' - pedigree cattle development project

Printing industry

  • LLC 'Klishe' - a number of projects on various activities
  • Newspaper 'Vysokyy Zamok' - development project

Hotel and Restaurant industry

  • Hotel 'Leopolis' - business start-up
  • Hotel complex 'Koruna' - complex development project
  • Health resort 'Morshynskyy' - enterprise development project
  • Health resort 'Cristal Palace' - enterprise development project
  • LLC 'Mars' - hotel complex construction project


  • Company 'Intermarket' - project of supermarket network 'Arsen'
  • Company 'Karpatbud' - construction project of building materials supermarket
  • LLC 'Rich Development' -  a number of projects of residential and industrial construction
  • 'Lvivenerhospetsremont' - enterprise development project
  • OJSC 'Roztochya' - a number of projects of industrial construction
  • LLC 'Eurohurt' - projects of residential and industrial construction
  • Corporation 'Naftohazbud' - development project of direction of monolithic frame construction
  • LLC 'МК-Bud' - enterprise development project
  • Private Company 'Salon Lux' - project of brick production
  • CMS-POL Sp (Poland) - project of broken stone production

Sports and Recreation

  • Palace of Sport 'Eurosport' - construction project
  • Recreation area "Kolyba" - enterprise development project

Development of regions

  • Ski Resort 'Slavske' - resort development strategy
  • Lviv Regional State Administration - a number of development projects withing regional development strategy


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