Our clients about us

'Thanks to corporate trainings, special programs,  effective methods, offered by Center consultants, our firm created new strategies of development in corporate, organizational, marketing, financial spheres of activity'. 

V. Lacusta, director of  'SVITYAZ Ltd.'

'High professional level of trainers, possibility to use theoretical knowledge in practical situations, detailed analysis of controversial situation influenced the results in everyday work.'

I. Visovsciy, director of  'IMVO'


'We all estimated profound professionalism, and irreproachable service of your company.'


Anonymous forms:

-'In a short time I have got a good theoretical and practical preparation ("Record-keeping and taxation'  02.03.04. – 07.05.04)

-'Useful information which can be easily applied and can help in future!” ('Manager of modern office' 05-06.2004)

-'Interesting content increased by practical exercises. Possibility to test yourself in various situations and with different clients.' ('Effective sales' 06.2005)

-'The program unites the middle management of company in a real team; Well formed trainers tandem, that is able to sand by, deputize and complement each other' (Enzym, JSC)

-'Having finished the course, it is possible to begin working as an accountant!' ('Record keeping' 10 –12 03. )

-'I stopped to be afraid of computer and become more confident in work.' ('PC 08' - 09.2003 )

-'It was interesting and with creative approach. Best wishes! Very pleased!' ('Manager of modern office' 02.05)


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