HR Consulting

HR Consulting is a complex of measures aimed to creating, implementing and maintaining the effective human resources management of the company.

The Aim - optimization of HR management technology, modernization, development of personnel architecture of an enterprise.

Fields of activity:
• HR Diagnostics
• Competencies development
• Staff complex assessment
• Motivational programmes development and implementation
• Simulation of corporate culture

People are the core of business, the circulatory system of your enterprise.
Success, development and prosperity - all these categories depend on the team that works for the good of the entire organisation. That is why the HR-consulting is so important for any enterprise today.

HR-Consulting can help the customer’s company to solve the following issues:
• Hiring and adaptation of staff;
• Rotation and staff dismissal;
• Training, evaluation and certification;
• Career planning;
• Staff assessment and motivation.


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