Algorithm of work

To achieve the ultimate goals of the training we offer the following stages:

1. The preparatory phase of training:


During this phase, managers will identify basic needs and expectations of company management and managers, and future participants of the training. This stage is realized through discussions with participants in the training of their wishes and expectations. At the same time filled with the appropriate forms. There has also been meeting with leaders of companies or divisions, in which more detailed discussion and clarifies the purpose of training, the expectations of the training and requirements. Coaches are analyzing the data profiles and agree on expectations of management with the expectation of the training participants. If necessary, adjustments are made in the training program.

2. Training


Education will be held in the form of intensive training using interactive methods of study. Practical tasks and role-playing game will take 40%, panel discussions and roundtables -25 -%, discussions, presentations - 25%, mini-lectures - 10%. Through the use of interactive methods (a combination of mini-lectures with practical exercises, discussions, presentations) achieved rapid assimilation of the participants knowledge and skills, generating new ideas.

3. Final stage

At this stage a detailed analysis of the training acts. Management of the Company provided an analysis of the training, which includes an analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the group and evaluate the work of each participant, as well as recommendations and wishes. This phase also includes the conduct of survey participants of the training in two to three months after training to determine the level of the practical application of skills and new knowledge.

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The optimal number of people in the group 12-14 people.


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