Business trainings

Training departament in the Business Support Centre  Newbiznet was opened in 1995 year. For now the Centre of Support of Business is one of the best training company in Western Ukraine.

Our principles are practical orientation and the adjustment to the client's needs.

The Trainings are conducted by Ukrainian business trainers, who have passed the international programmes of coach preparation and internships in training-consulting firms in the USA and Western Europe. They also have considerable practical experience in the industry.

The trainings developed by Newbiznet take into consideration the features of the Ukrainian economy. During the training programmes the interactive methods of studies are used: case studies, computer games and simulations,
business and role games, moderation and etc

 – it not only a contribution to the fashion, mainly it is the possibility to get maksimum of information in short period of time. That is why the short term study is so popular.

We offer the following training programmes:

"Successful Leader" Training Programme

"Active Sales Techniques" Training Programme

"Personnel Managementl" Training Programme

"Time Management" Training Programme

"Hotel-Restaurant Business" Training Programme


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