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"Clean Environment - Healthy Life.
German experience in waste management. Recommendations for Ukraine"
Supported by Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety


September 20, 2018,
Lviv, Bank Hotel, Lystopadovogo Chynu str. 8



08.45-09.30 Registration of participants



09.30-10.00 Opening and congratulation of the conference participants

Oksana Stokolos - Voronchuk, Deputy Head of Lviv Regional State Administration

Hannah Beumer, Project Manager Global Project Partners e.V.


10.00 -11.30 Expert discussion: Effective waste management models

Moderator: Eugenia Aratovska, Chairperson of the NGO "Ukraine without garbage"


 Organizing and financing of waste management in Germany

 Collection and treatment routes in Germany

 Perspektives and Challenges of waste management in Ukraine

 The role of municipalities, interaction with private operators.

 The role of non-governmental and non-profit organizations in the field of waste management, raising awareness among the population.


Dr. Thomas Böning, INFA GmbH

Ms. Lichtinghagen –Wirths, Bergischer Abfallwirtschaftsverband

Maxim Barinov, Head of the Communal Services Department of the Ministry of Regional Development

Mykola Riabyka, Public Relations and Media Manager "Green City"

Oleg Kotys, coordinator of the social initiative "Somebody will not do it, initiator and coordinator of the Clean City Cultural Initiative in Lviv

Yana Basista, Chairperson of the Public Organization "Ecorada", Dnipro city


11.30 -11.45 Coffee break


11.45-13.15 Expert discussion: Standards and technologies of a sustainable waste industry

Moderator: Dr.Tetyana Omelyanenko, Researcher, chairperson of the group of young specialists ISWA in Ukraine

 Overview of the elements of a sustainable waste management based on German experiences - solutions for mixed waste (treatment technologies)

a) Treatment techniques for household waste, recovery of the high-calorific fraction

b) Treatment of organic waste (fermentation, composting)

c) Landfill of waste

 An overview of the technology of recycling and utilization of waste in Ukraine

 Opportunities to attract investments in order to implement the sustainable waste industry in Ukraine.


Dr. Abdallah Nassour, ENVERO GmbH

Lutz-Rainer Pätzold, REST GmbH

Stefan Minius, Sutco Recycling Technik GmbH

Nazariy Romanchuk, Director of the Department of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Lviv Oblast State Administration

Valeriy Pyatak, Advisor to the Governor of Lviv Oblast State Administration


13.15-14.15 Lunch. Networking


14.15-15.15 Pitching hour. Brief presentations of modern waste technologies:

Stefan Minius, Sutco Recycling Technik GmbH

 Importance of regular maintenance for increasing the efficiency of waste disposal logistics, Oel-Hydrauliker (Ms. Klaus Oelgemöller)

 Stage models of practical hazardous waste disposal from households, Mr. Kevin Kasih Blackforest Solutions

Mr. Mykhaylo Kutsenko, Director, Hammel Ukraine


15.15-15.45 Coffee break. Networking


15.45-17.15 Transformation to a circular economy

Moderator: Olena Bey, BSC NewBiznet Director

Introductory speech: Dr. Abdallah Nassour, ENVERO GmbH

1. Economics of the closed cycle.

2. Opportunities for Ukraine


Development of proposals in small groups:

- How to reduce the waste of the company

- How to reduce household waste

- How to increase the use of renewable resources

- How to improve work with the population on waste reduction


Presentation of the results of the work of small groups


17.15-17.30 Summing up and closing of the conference (Olena Bey, BCS Ukraine)


Presentations of the conference speakers:


1. Presentation of Dr. Thomas Böning ,INFA GmbH

2. Presentation of Stefan Minius,Sutco Recycling Technik GmbH

3. Presentation of Dr. Abd allah Nassour, ENVERO GmbH

4. Presentation of Ms. Lichtinghagen –Wirths, Bergischer Abfallwirtschaftsverband

5. Presentation of Ms. Klaus Oelgemöller,Oel-Hydrauliker

6. Presentation of Lutz-Rainer Pätzold,REST GmbH

7. Presentation of Mr. Kevin Kasih , Blackforest Solutions

8. Presentation of Mr. Mykhaylo Kutsenko , Hammel Ukraine

9. Presentation of Dr. Abdallah Nassour , ENVERO GmbH

10. Presentation of Mr. Maxim Barinov, Ministry of Regional Development

11. Presentation of Mr. Oleg Kotys, Clean City Cultural Initiative in Lviv


12. Presentation of Mr.Mykola Riabyka,communal enterprise "Green city"

13. Presentations of work in groups


Conference organizers:


Global Project Partners e.V.

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