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Apply for an OPIC loan if your project meets the following criteria:

1. Project company is in an OPIC eligible country: Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, etc.(Verify country is OPEN for business at the OPIC)

2. Ownership criteria met for items a.) and b.) below?
a.) Significant US ownership?
OPIC prefers a minimum 25% US equity position in the project company. Any alternative consideration must be fully described.
b.) 50.1% held by private sector?
Ensure that ownership is majority held by non-government entities.

3. SME designation met by US sponsor?
Small business designation needs to be met by the US sponsor - the entity referenced for question 2.a. above.
a.) Revenues $250 million or less?
b.) If no revenues, is Net Worth $67 million or less?

4. Project Summary appropriately describes / identifies all of the following items:
a.) Loan purpose - start-up, expansion, or privatization
b.) Developmental value
c.) Market impact/opportunity
d.) Products or services the company will offer
e.) Local market or export for these products/services
f.) If export, are countries identified?
(Note: Please keep in mind that OPIC will be sensitive to the project's effects on US production, demand, trade or employment. If more than one product/service is being offered, you will need to be specific as to which products/services are being sold to specific markets.)

5. Project is in a 'benign' sector?

6. Project costs sufficiently captured and detailed?

7. Project funding sufficiently reflected?
a.) OPIC loan amount is between $100 thousand and $250 million?
b.) For expansion, total loan to project costs are 75% or less?
c.) For new project, total loan to project costs are 65% or less?
d.) OPIC loan term 2 - 15 years?
e.) Sufficient equity is committed?

8. Satisfactory collateral pledged and/or credit enhancement?

9. Management track record sufficiently describes experience in same / similar industry?

10. Information regarding other potential issues are identified/presented, including OPIC investment policy issues or project risks (environmental, worker/human rights, US economy, host country impact) that will require preliminary discussion / additional information before progressing to full application?